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Original Articles
Failure of Cephalosporin Treatment for Bloodstream Infection Caused by Apparently Susceptible Klebsiella pneumoniae which Produced DHA-1?-Lactamase Induced by Clavulanic Acid
Cheol-In Kang, M.D.1, Hyunjoo Pai, M.D.4, Sung Han Kim, M.D.1, Hong-Bin Kim, M.D.1, Myoung-don Oh, M.D.1,3, Eui-Chong Kim, M.D.2,3, and Kang-Won Choe, M.D.1,3
Departments of Internal Medicine1 and Laboratory Medicine2, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea Clinical Research Institute3, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea Department of Internal Medicine4, Hanyang University Co
Vol.36 Num.3 (p127~131)
National Questionnaire Survey on Managing Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, 2003
Jin-Soo Lee, M.D.1, Eun-Sil Kim, M.D.1, Moon Hyun Chung, M.D.1, Jae-Jung Baek2, Jung-Sun Hwa, M.D.3, Ju-Hee Ahn, M.D.4, Young Hwa Choi, M.D.5, Sun-Hee Lee, M.D.6, Cheol-Woo Ko, M.D.7, Sung-Bum Kim, M.D.8, Min-Ja Kim, M.D.8, Seung-Chul Park, M.D.8, Hyun
Inha University Hospital1, National Medical Center2, Seoul Metropolitan Seodaemoon Hospital3, Suwon Medical Center4, Ajou University Hospital5, Pusan National University Hospital6, Kyungpook National University Hospital7, Korea University Anam Hospital8,
Vol.36 Num.3 (p132~138)
Infectious Complications after Liver Transplantation according to Donor: Comparison between Orthotopic and Living Donor Transplantation
Hyun Kyun Ki, M.D.1, Jun Seong Son, M.D.4, Won Sup Oh, M.D.1, Kyong Ran Peck, M.D.1, Nam Yong Lee, M.D.2, Sung Joo Kim, M.D.3, Jae-Won Cho, M.D.3, Suk-Koo Lee, M.D.3, and Jae-Hoon Song, M.D.1
Division of Infectious Diseases1, Department of Medicine, Laboratory Medicine2, and Department of Surgery3, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea Division of Infectious Diseases4, Choongbuk University Hospital, C
Vol.36 Num.3 (p139~148)
Community-acquired Pneumonia in Elderly:Comparison of Clinical Manifestations and Causative Organisms before and after the Separation of Prescription and Drug-Selling
Hye Won Jeong, M.D., Dae Won Park, M.D., Sae Yoon Kee, M.D., Sung Joo Jung, M.D., Jang Wook Sohn, M.D. Hee Jin Cheong, M.D., Woo Joo Kim, M.D., Min Ja Kim, M.D., and Seung Chul Park, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
Vol.36 Num.3 (p149~154)
Investigation of Outbreak caused by Shigella flexneri
Hyun Kyun Ki, M.D.1, Sun Hee Kim, Ph.D.2, Hye Young Kee, M.S.2, Jin-Jong Seo, M.S.2, Eun-Sun Kim, Ph.D.2,Dong Ryong Ha, M.S.2, Jae Keun Chung, Ph.D.2, Seong Han Kim, Ph.D.3, and Bok Kwon Lee, Ph.D.1
Division of Infectious Diseases1, Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, Sungkyunkwan UniversityInstitute of Health and Environment2, Gwang Ju, Laboratory of Enteric Infections3, National Institute of Health, Korea
Vol.36 Num.3 (p155~163)
Compliance and Impact of an ID Physician's Advisory Consults on the Use of Restricted Antimicrobial Agents
Baek-Nam Kim, M.D., Kyu Bok Jin, M.D., and Yoon Seok Hong, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea
Vol.36 Num.3 (p164~169)
Case Reports
A Case of Human Brucellosis Who had No Contact with Infected Animal: Sero-epidemiology Study on Market, by-product, Stock-raising
Sung-Joo Jung, M.D.1, Sung Bum Kim, M.D.1, Bae Won Park, M.D.1, Hye Won Jeong, M.D.1, Sae Yoon Kee, M.D.1, Jung Ah Kwon, M.D.2, Man Suck Park, M.M.3, Mi Yeoun Park, M.D.3, Hee Jin Cheong, M.D.1, and Woo Joo Kim, M.D.1,
Department of Internal Medicine1, Korea University of Medicine, Seoul, Department of Clinical Pathology2, Korea University of Medicine, Seoul*, Department of Microbiology3, Laboratory of Rickettsia, Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Korea
Vol.36 Num.3 (p170~174)
A Case of Concomitant Disseminated Gonococcal Infection with Acute Viral Hepatitis C
Gi Chang Kim, M.D.1, Chung Hwon Lee, M.D.1, Jin Su Lee, M.D.1, Moon-Hyun Chung, M.D.1, Ji Ho Choi, M.D.2, and Yeonsook Moon, M.D.3
Department of Internal Medicine1, Family Medicine2, Clinical Pathology3, College of Medicine, Inha University, Incheon, Korea
Vol.36 Num.3 (p175~180)
A Case of Cerebral Toxoplasmosis in a Patient with Acquired Immune Defeciency Syndrome
Bo Hyun Kim, M.D.1, Sung Ik Lee, M.D.1, Chang Hun Lee, M.D.2, Sung Heun Cha, M.D.3, Tae Hong Lee, M.D.4, Sun Hee Lee, M.D.1, Joo Seop Chung, M.D.1, and Goon Jae Cho, M.D.1
Department of Internal Medicine1, Pathology2, Neurosurgery3, Diagnostic Radiology4 College of Medicine, Pusan National University, Busan, Korea
Vol.36 Num.3 (p181~184)
A Case of Kikuchi's disease accompanied by Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis
Jun Hyok Oh, M.D.1, Ju Hyun Park, M.D.1, Sang Youn Hwang, M.D.1, Sun Hee Lee, M.D.1, Sung Il Kim, M.D.1, Ji Yoen Kim, M.D.2, Chang Hun Lee, M.D.2, Joo Seop Chung, M.D.1, Eun Yup Lee, M.D.3, and Kun Je Cho, M.D.1
Department of Internal Medicine1, Pathology2, and Laboratory Medicine3, College of Medicine, Pusan National University, Busan, Korea
Vol.36 Num.3 (p185~188)