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Original Articles
Serotype and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Streptococcus pneumoniae
Kyong Min Choi, M.D.1, Soo In Yeon, M.D.2, Jeon Soo Shin, M.D.2, Dong Eun Yong, M.D.3, Kyoung Won Lee, M.D.3, and Dong Soo Kim, M.D.1
1Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Kwandong University, Kyunggi2Departments of Microbiology, 3Clinical Pathology, 4Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p179~185)
Scrub Typhus:A Prospective Study of 76 Cases
Dong-Min Kim, M.D.1, Hyun Lee Kim, M.D.1, Chi Young Park, M.D.1, Sung Ho Yoon, M.D.1, Hyeon-Je Song2, and Soo-Kyoung Shim3
Division of Infectious Diseases, Departments of Internal Medicine1, College of Medicine, Chosun University, 2Jeollanam-do Institute of Health and Environment, 3Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p186~191)
Analysis of Prognostic Factors in Patients with Fournier's Gangrene
Ju Hyun Lim, M.D., Hong Seok Kim, M.D., Myung Ki Kim, M.D., Young Beom Jeong, M.D.Jong Kwan Park, M.D., Hyung Jin Kim, M.D., Young Gon Kim, M.D., and Young Kyung Park, M.D.
Department of Urology, Chonbuk National University Medical School, Jeonju, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p192~197)
Status of Intestinal Parasite Infections among4,137 Residents from Provinces Nationwide andMetropolitan Areas in the Republic of Korea(2004)
Jong-Yil Chai, M.D.1, Jae-Hwan Park, Ph.D.1, Sang-Mee Guk, Ph.D.1, Hyo-Jin Kim1, Won-Hee Kim1Jae-Lip Kim1, Young-Suk Gu1, Eun-Hee Shin, Ph.D.1, Hyun-Mo Park2, Kwang-Seon Hong2Sung-Dae Kim2, and Soon-Hyung Lee, M.D.1
1Department of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea2Korea Association of Heath Promotion, Seoul, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p198~203)
Disinfection Efficacy of an Automated Endoscopic Reprocessing System withOzonated Water
Jeong Soon Kim, M.D.1, In Hwan Kim, M.D.1, Sang Soon Park, M.D.1, Sun Yang Min, M.D.1Hyun Wook Baik, M.D.1, Ju Sang Park, M.D.1, Eun Jeong Jang, M.D.1, Sang Jong Park, M.D.1Ki Hyung Nam, M.T.2, Seong Kyu Lee, M.D.2, and Hyun Soo Kim, M.D.2
Departments of 1Gastroenterology and 2Laboratory Medicine, Bundang Jesaeng General Hospital, Sungnam, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p204~209)
Case Reports
Infective Endocarditis due to Streptococcus pneumoniae
Seung-Hee Baik, M.D., Yoon Jung Oh, M.D., Young Hwa Choi, M.D., Seung Soo Shin, M.D.Kwang Joo Park, M.D., Sung Chul Hwang, M.D., and Joo Hun Park, M.D.
Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Ajou University School of Medicine, Suwon, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p210~213)
A Case of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans Bacteremia Associated with Permanent Pacemaker Lead Infection
Hyun Gu Park, M.D., Seong Ho Choi, M.D., Dong Hoe Koo, M.D., Jung Ho Bae, M.D., Chang Hoon Lee, M.D.Ho Suk Kang, M.D., Jae Cheol Jo, M.D., Yang Soo Kim, M.D., Jun Hee Woo, M.D., and Sang Ho Choi, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p214~218)
A Case of Epstein-Barr Virus Associated Encephalitis Improved after High-Dose Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy
Myung Wan Jang, M.D., Seong Won Kim, M.D., and Hwang Jae Yoo, M.D.
Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine, Kwandong University, Goyang, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p219~223)
Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Caused by Respiratory Syncytial Virus inImmunocompromised Adults:2 Case Reports
Sun Jae Lee, M.D.1, Ji Yun Noh, M.D.1, Won Suk Choi, M.D.1, Sae Yoon Kee, M.D.1, Joon Young Song, M.D.1Chang Kyu Lee, M.D.2, Woo Joo Kim, M.D.1, and Hee Jin Cheong, M.D.1
Departments of 1Internal Medicine, 2Pathology, College of Medicine, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p224~228)
A Case of Cryptococcal Meningoencephalitis with Cryptococcal Pneumonia in Pregnancy
Kyung Hwa Park, M.D., Jin Soo Song, M.D., Pyeong Gyun Choe, M.D., Ji Hwan Bang, M.D., Jae Hyun Cho, M.D.Wan Beom Park, M.D., Hong Bin Kim, M.D., Nam Joong Kim, M.D., Myoung-don Oh, M.D., and Kang Won Choe, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Vol.38 Num.4 (p229~233)