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Review Articles
Status of Vivax Malaria after Re-emergence in South Korea
Joon-Sup Yeom, M.D.1 and Jae-Won Park, M.D., Ph.D.2
1Department of Internal Medicine, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine 2Department of Microbiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Gachon University of Medicine and Science, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p191~198)
Original Articles
Clinical Features of 141 Cases of Pyogenic Liver Abscess Over a 10-year Period and Antibiotic Sensitivity to the Causative Organisms
Seong Heon Wie, M.D., U Im Chang, M.D., Jin Dong Kim, M.D., Jeong Rok Lee, M.D., Chang Nyol Paik, M.D., Woo Chul Chung, M.D., Kang Moon Lee, M.D. and Jin Mo Yang, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p199~206)
Time Kill Studies of Antibiotics against a Nalidixic Acid Resistant Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi
Dong-Min Kim, M.D.1, Na Ra Yun, M.D.1, Jong Hoon Chung, M.D.1, and Hyun Ho Ryu, M.D.2
1Department of Internal Medicine, Chosun University College of Medicine, Gwangju, 2Department of Emergency Medicine, Chonnam University Hospital, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p207~211)
In Vitro Antibiotic Susceptibility of Orientia tsutsugamushi strain Boryong Measured by Flow Cytometry
Eun Sil Kim1, Mee Kyung Kim2, Hye Myung Lee2, Moon-Hyun Chung3, Jin-Soo Lee3, Jae Eun Park3, and Jae-Seung Kang4
1Department of Internal Medicine, DaeSung General Hospital, Buchon, 2Clinical Research Center, 3Department of Internal Medicine, 4Department of Microbiology, Inha University College of Medicine, Inchon, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p212~217)
Characterization of Respiratory Viral Infection in Children in Gwangju
JIn Jong Seo, Ph.D.1, Min Ji Kim, Ms.1, Sun Hee Kim, Ph.D.1, Hye Young Kee, Ms.1, Jae Keun Chung, Ph.D.1, Eun sun Kim, Ph.D.1, Jong Tae Park, Ph.D.1, Kyoung Sim Kim, M.D.2, Su-ya Lee, M.D.3, Myung Goun Kim, Ms.4, and Yoon Seok Chung, Ph.D.5
1Health and Environment Institute of Gwangiu, 2Department of Pediatrics, Gwang-ju Christian Hospital, 3Yesarang pediatric clinic 4Health and Hygiene Division of Gwangiu City, 5Division of Influenaza and Respiratory Viruses, Center for Infectious Disease, National Institute of Health, Seoul, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p218~229)
Case Reports
A Case of Cervical Epidural Abscess Presenting Rapidly Progressing Quadriplegia without any other Symptom or Sign of CEA
Hyun-Jeung Yu, M.D.1, Sook Young Roh, M.D.1, and Seong-Ho Koh, M.D.2
1Department of Neurology, Bundang Jesaeng General Hospital 2Department of Neurology, College of medicine, Haynang University, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p230~232)
Pyogenic Spondylitis in a Healthy Adult Caused by Burkholderia cepacia
Byung Hyuk Yang, M.D.1, Mi Suk Lee, M.D.1, Jung-Hee Lee, M.D.2, and Hee-Joo Lee, M.D.3
1Departments of Internal Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery2, and Laboratory Medicine3, Kyung Hee University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p233~236)
Vertebral Osteomyelitis due to Salmonella enterica serovar Othmarschen in an Immunocompetent Patient
Byong Kwan Choi, M.D.1, Shukho Kim, Ph.D.2, Hee Jin Huh, M.D.3, Eu Suk Kim, M.D.1, Sang Min Lee, M.D.4, and Seok Lae Chae, M.D.3
1Department of Internal Medicine, Dongguk University College of Medicine, Goyang, 2Division of Enteric Bacterial Infections, Center for Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Health, Seoul 3Department of Laboratory Medicine, Dongguk University College of Medicine, Goyang, 4Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Dongguk University College of Medicine, Goyang, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p237~240)
A Case of Scrub Typhus in Summer Presenting as Atypical Pneumonia
Sang Don Park1, Moon-Hyun Chung1, Hye Myung Lee2, Mee-Kyung Kim2, and Jae-Seung Kang3
1Department of Internal Medicine, 2Clinical Research Center, 3Department of Microbiology, Inha University College of Medicine, Inchon, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p241~245)
A Study of HHV-8 Seroprevalence in Korean Health Care Workers
Woo-Chul Joo, M.D.1, Yong-Jun Choi, M.D.1, Jae-Eun Park, M.D.1, Hye-Myung Lee1, Jin-Soo Lee, M.D.1 Moon-Hyun Cheong, M.D.1, Ji-Hye Moon2, and Soo-Mi Kim2
1Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Inha University, 2Department of Infection Control, Inha University, Inchon, Korea
Vol.40 Num.4 (p246~247)