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Factors Influencing Decision Regarding Influenza Vaccination: A Survey of Healthcare Workers in One Hospital
Hee-Jin Cheong, M.D.1, Jang-Wook Sohn, M.D.1, Sun-Ju Choi2, Joong Sik Eom, M.D.4, Heung Jeong Woo, M.D.4, Byong Chull Chun, M.D.3, Woo-Joo Kim, M.D.1 and Seung-Chull Park, M.D.1
Division of Infectious Disease, Department of Internal Medicine1, Infection Control Unit2, Department of Preventive Medicine3, Korea University Medical College, Seoul, Korea Department of Internal Medicine4, Kangdong sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym Univers
Vol.36 Num.4 (p213~218)
Background:In spite of yearly recalls, influenza immunization rate among healthcare workers (HCWs) remained low in Korea University Guro Hospital. This study was conducted to identify the causes of non-compliance against influenza immunization and to analyze the barrier factors for the immunization.
Materials & Methods:Questionnaires were distributed in March of 2000 at Korea University Guro Hospital. We evaluated factors associated with acceptance of influenza vaccination and opinions regarding influenza prevention (knowledge about influenza vaccination efficacy, que to action in vaccinee, perceptible benefit, barrier to vaccination).
Results:309 completed questionnaires from HCWs were returned. Mean age and mean duration of work in hospital were higher and longer among vaccinee than non-vaccinee. Even though the necessity of influenza vaccination among HCWs were accepted well in vaccinee compared to non- vaccinee, the accurate reasons for vaccination were not quite understood among HCWs regardless of compliance. Vaccine campaign (30.8%) and advise from doctors (24.7%) were important for the promotion of vaccination among vaccinee. However, major reason for non-compliance among nursing staff and was mis-confidence that their bodies' self defense mechanisms would ward off infection (33.5%) and 'too busy to get injection' for doctors (65%).
Conclusion:We conclude that regular education about perceptible benefits and wrong concerns about influenza vaccination among HCW's and easy accessibility to vaccination were important determinants to improve the influenza vaccination. On-site availability of a vaccination-nurse also proved to be important.
Keywords : Influenza, Vaccination, Healthcare workers