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A Case of Subacute Infective EndocarditisCaused by Arcanobacterium haemolyticumin a Patient with Mitral Valve Prolapse
Su-Mi Choi, M.D.1, Hae-Kyung Lee, M.D.2, Yang-Ree Kim, M.D.1, Kyung-Su Park, M.D.1Hui-Kyung Jeon, M.D.1, Seok-Whan Moon, M.D.3, Yeon-Joon Park, M.D.2 and Wan-Shik Shin, M.D.1
Department of Internal Medicine1, Department of Laboratory Medicine2, Department of Chest Surgery3College of Medicine The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, Korea
Vol.39 Num.2 (p104~107)
Recently, we experienced a case of subacute infective endocarditis caused by A. haemolyticum on mitral valve prolapse complicated with systemic emboli, which was successfully treated with antibiotics and valve replacement surgery. To our knowledge, this is the first report to address infective endocarditis caused by A. haemolyticum in a immunocompetent patient who had mitral valve prolapse and survived with successful treatment. Greater awareness of this uncommon organism is needed to make an accurate diagnosis and perform a better clinical management in the early stage of the disease. Recommendation for the treatment of septic A. haemolyticum infections has not been established. Therefore, the treatment should be based on clinical experiences and in vitro susceptibility profiles of the individual strain. The site of infection as well as antimicrobial susceptibility profiles should be considered for appropriate antibiotics choice and decision to perform a surgical intervention.
Keywords : Arcanobacterium haemolyticum, Endocarditis, Mitral valve prolapse, Surgery