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Case Reports
Two Cases of Vivax Malaria Accompanied by Splenic Complications (such as splenic rupture and splenic infarction)
Eun Jung Jung, M.D., Eun Ju Choo, M.D., Tae Hyong Kim, M.D., Min Hyok Jeon, M.D., Eun Jeung Lee, M.D., Young Sin Cho, M.D., Ho Young Lee, M.D. and Ji Yon Kim, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, SoonChunHyang University, Seoul, Korea
Vol.40 Num.3 (p179~183)
Malaria is a protozoan disease transmitted by Anopheles mosquitoes. Since Plasmodium vivax malaria reemerged in the north west areas of South Korea in 1993, many cases with various manifestations have been reported. Clinicians should be aware of the rare and severe complications as well as the common complications. Splenic complications such as hematoma formation, rupture, torsion, cyst formation, and infarction are unusual manifestations of tertian malaria; therefore, we present two cases of P. vivax malaria with severe splenic complications with review of literature. One had a splenic infarction and the other had a splenic rupture, which was diagnosed by computed tomography. Both patients were successfully treated with a conservative approach.
Keywords : Plasmodium vivax, Splenic infarction, Splenic rupture