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Testicular Tuberculosis That Mimicked Testicular Cancer
Won Jin Kim, Kyung Hwa Shin, Mi Hyun Kim, Woo Hyun Cho, Kwangha Lee, Ki Uk Kim, Doo Soo Jeon, Hye-Kyung Park, Yun Seong Kim, Min Ki Lee, and Soon Kew Park
Department of Internal Medicine, Pusan National University School of Medicine, Busan, Korea
Vol.43 Num.1 (p68~71)
Next to lymphatic involvement, genitourinary tuberculosis is considered the second most common manifestation of extrapulmonary tuberculosis worldwide. However, testicular and spermatic cord involvement is uncommon. We report here on a case of testicular and spermatic cord tuberculosis that masqueraded as testicular cancer. A 25-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with painless right scrotal swelling for past 2 months. The abdominal CT scan showed a heterogenous testicular mass that was suspicious for being malignancy. He underwent right radical orchiectomy;
testicular and spermatic cord tuberculosis was revealed on histopathological examination. This case highlights the importance of taking a thoughtful diagnostic approach for testicular and spermatic cord tuberculosis, including fine needle aspiration before performing surgical exploration.
Keywords : Urogenital tuberculosis, Urogenital cancer, Testicular cancer