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Case Reports
A Case of Septic Shock by Prevotella Species associ¬ated with Acute Periapical Abscess
Min Young Jung, Sung Min Ahn, Bo Youn Choi, Seung In Seo, Su Sun Kim, Hyuk Su Choi, Seung Jin Lim, Jin Seo Lee, and Joong Sik Eom
Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Hallym University, Seoul, Korea
Vol.44 Num.2 (p84~86)
A healthy 34-year-old man was admitted to the intensive care unit through the emergency room with a drowsy mentality and severe chilling. Following a diagnosis of septic shock of unknown origin, the patient was treated with broad spectrum antibiotics and massive hydration. After recovery of consciousness, he complained of a severe toothache that originated from the right lower teeth. Under dental consultation, he was diagnosed as having an acute periapical abscess of the right mandibular first molar. The patient underwent extraction and cyst enucleation. Gram negative bacilli isolated from blood culture on day 5 after admission were identified as Prevotella species. After receiving antibiotic treatment and undergoing dental procedures, the patient made a full recovery. We report on a case of septic shock due to infection by Prevotella species in association with an acute periapical abscess.
Keywords : Periapical abscess, Septic shock, Prevotella species