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The Meaning and Impact of Appropriate Use of Antibiotics
Jung Hyun Choi
Department of Internal Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea
Antibiotics, one of the most successful drugs in medicine, dramatically altered the prognoses of patients with bacterial infections. With faith in that power, antibiotics have been used thoughtlessly as therapy or prophylaxis for several decades. Improper or inadequate use of these miracle drugs accelerated the appearance of resistance and aided spread of bad bugs. Resistance is a global problem; therefore, appropriate use of antibiotics is now a global concern. Decreasing unnecessary use of antibiotics in primary care clinics and amending inadequate use in teaching hospitals are essential in the fight against resistance. Many approaches to this fight, including a nationwide campaign, governmental policies, guidelines for antibiotic use, and antibiotic restriction systems have already been settled in many countries, including Korea. Although resistance is a critical problem now and will be even more of a problem in the future, antibiotics are not drugs we can throw away. The only way to overcome this threat is wise use of antibiotics.
Keywords : Antibiotics, Appropriate, Mortality, Resistance