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The Worldwide Antibiotic Campaigns
Heungjeong Woo
Department of Internal Medicine, Hallym University College of Medicine, Chuncheon, Korea
The campaign for proper use of antibiotics in Korea was begun in 2011 by the Korean Society of Infectious Diseases and the Korean Society of Chemotherapy. This article was prepared as a review of worldwide antibiotic campaigns. The European Antibiotic Awareness Day of the European Union and Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work, of the USA, are introduced here. These antibiotic campaigns are prepared and organized by government and have partnerships with medical association. The event known as annual awareness day or antibiotic week is held annually and the campaign materials are available online or from printed material. These campaigns have widened the range and depth of activity since the begining of the campaign. Therefore, the Korean antibiotic campaign could obtain some useful suggestions regarding successful conduct of campaign activity from these campaigns.
Keywords : Antibiotic campaign