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Case Report
General Information
Title page, main document and images should be sent in separate files.
Case report must be completed in the following order:
1) English abstract and keywords, 2) Introduction, 3) Case, 4) Discussion, 5) References(1 to 20 references allowed), 6) Tables and Figures
Title Page
The title should be written in both Korean and English.
Abbreviation should not be used in the English title.
A running title should be reduced to 40 characters or less (about 10 words).
The name, degree, address, telephone number, FAX number and E-mail address of the corresponding author should be written in English.
English Abstract
An English abstract are written in less than 400 words without distinguishing the sections.
The list of key words should be made up of appropriate one to five words from MeSH(Medical subject headings).
The first alphabet of each key words should be in capital letters.
A case report should be completed within 6000 characters (about 2000 words) including abstract.
All medical terms used in a Korean manuscript should be written in correct Korean terminology listed in the latest terminology book of Korean Medical Association. However, words or terms that can not be appropriately translated, such as proper nouns, product names and units can be written in English.
Names and others proper nouns should be written in original language and numerical figures should be expressed in Arabic figures.
All measurable values should be expressed in metric system and SI units(International System of Units). Also, capital L should be used to express the unit liter.
Scientific and genetic names should expressed in italics.
Names of the microorganisms should be used in full terms, when mentioned initially. Abbreviations should be used from the second time.
When using brackets, they should be properly spaced.
When listing the names of equipments and chemicals, the model, manufacturer, city and country should be mentioned properly within brackets.
P for reliabitiy should be expressed in italic type capital letter.
When using Arabic numbers over 1000 use comma as thousands separator.
The titles of the tables should be written in clauses or phrases. The FIRST LETTERS OF THE TITLES should be in capital letters.
The titles of the tables should be placed at the top of the tables
The unstandardized abbreviation should be described under the table, and should be written in order of 'abbreviation, description'.
Symbols used should be in the order of *, , , , , , **, and Ӣ.
When presenting a statistical value clearly show the average, standard deviation and standard error.
Titles and explanations of all images should be written in full sentences rather than clauses or phrases. Also they should be placed behind English running titles of the images.
When a figure consists of more than 1 image, each images are to be properly numbered in order of citation(eg. Fig. 1A, Fig. 1B, Fig. 1C).
All microscopic images should be specified of the type of specimen, stain, and the power of magnification.
When using images of already published by other authors, you should disclose the source and the consent of the rightful owner.
All references should be twentyor less
All references should written in English according to the regulations of this journal. However, Korean is also allowed when it is difficult to be converted to English.
When using abbreviations for journal names, only official abbreviations recognized by Index Medicus should be used.
When presenting the names of the authors, the last names(family name) should come first, followed by the first names(given name). The last names should be written in full and initials should be used for the first names. Also names of every authors should be recorded and not shortened with et al.
The references should be listed in the order of citation and the same reference must not overlap.
Extra features
Repeated or multiple submission of the work is not allowed.
Change of authors after submission is not allowed.
AAuthors should not urge the editors for early publication for any reasons.
I apply to submit this manuscript for (original article, case report, review article).
I Corresponding author finished the above overview and send this chekclist with a manuscript.
Name of the corresponding author (in block letters)
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